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Friday, February 27, 2009


I knew that if I whined about it, it would fix itself.

UnRavelry Frustrations!

I really want to play on Ravelry. Honest. Unfortunately some power unbeknownst to me is preventing my answering messages, writing new messages, posting comments, replying to comments, viewing yarns, viewing patterns, viewing projects and creating new topics. In short, all I can do, pretty much, is delete old messages. I hit a button to reply, create or view and all I get is the cute little timer swirl of dots going round and round and round. It has been happening since yesterday afternoon. I can go and do other things, in other venues, so the problem is not with my computer. (Obviously, I can post to my blog. Chuckle.) Even so, I ran all my diagnostic and maintenance whizbangs, just in case. ::::Sigh:::: If any of you that have sent me messages or posted comments which need my attention see this post, please know that I am not ignoring you, ill or lazy. I am sitting here, frustrated and waiting for my Ravelry to snap out of it.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My First (at least first written) Original Creation.

I offered to knit a sample for The Scarlet Skein and this is what I came up with.

A Rose Beret for Tracy.

And once again, I have to do things the difficult way! I wanted something special for this very special shop and the lady who owns it. Something that nobody had seen before. Something that shows off the wonderful yumminess of an incredible yarn. Something that would make people say, "I must buy this yarn!" I have been eyeing it since Tracy got it into the shop. Now I had a reason to play with it. The yarn is a locally raised Alpaca in a unique weight. It is heavier than lace, lighter than DK. Not really fingering. The yarn was held double, throughout.
The knitting of the hat may have only taken a day, but the pattern took me forever to debug. Ever try to decode and debug a pattern that is 147 years old? Then try to turn it into something that it was never intended to be? I still wake up screaming….
LOL Nah, I love a good puzzle. This was a great puzzle.

The pattern is available at The Scarlet Skein. Pop on in and take a peek.