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Thursday, September 15, 2011

And the Winner is...........

Congratulations to Skipper, the Winner of the comment mini contest!
The winner was generated with the True Random Number Generator. 
Her choice was "Laura" .
Thank you all for leaving comments. Keep checking back for more contests!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Little Contest

Hi everybody! I have decided to run a little contest. To enter simply leave a comment on the pattern post of your choice. Most posts include more than one pattern, so state which one you like. This contest is open to everyone. Feel free to link the contest in your blogs, if you want. Remember to post where you heard about the contest(Here, on Ravelry, Facebook or some one's blog) and your contact info so that I know who to send a pattern to. Contest runs until 12:01 am, PST Thursday, September 14th. I will draw one random winner at that time and they will win their favorite pattern. Simple, no?

A Productive Summer

While I adore creating designs and knitting them until the process is perfect, I have to admit that I detest transcribing my notes into a coherent and easily understood pattern. That is one of the main reasons why the posts in this blog are few and far between. Another reason is that I hate to stop knitting long enough to type up patterns and post them online.  :) 
This summer has been quite productive. Since my last post I have converted several of my patterns to be compatible with mobile devices, designed a triangular shawl in knit, a triangular shawl in crochet, two rectangular wraps, three hats and a very silly pair of slippers.
I have even gotten around to writing up the patterns for the knit triangular shawl, one wrap and a hat.
First up, my homage to the late, great Miss Elizabeth Taylor.
She inspired me with her elegance, her style and her stunning Violet eyes. Knit with Blue Heron Yarns "Rayon Metallic", this shawl sparkles and shines like her signature diamonds.
Mobile device compatible version available.


Next we have:
Mobile device compatible version available.
Super slouchy, very textured and ultra hip.

And finally a wrap that can also be worn as a scarf and is named for a very special lady, 
Mette over at Ranch of the Oaks. 
Go there, visit Mette, Tom, the Alpaca 
and the Sheep.
Mobile device compatible version available.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Creative Process of The Crazy Penguin Lady.

The Crazy Penguin Lady has been on a creative jag for the past few months. When she gets this way, little else matters.
Honestly, a lot of other things matter.

I rarely accomplish much else but getting the pattern ideas onto the needles, finished, photoed and written down as a, hopefully, coherent pattern.
Sometimes coherency is not an easy thing.

If I do not get them out, they keep me up nights, running around in my head, bouncing off my skull, while I attempt to sleep.
You really don't want to see me sleep deprived. Trust me, it isn't pretty.
It takes a lot of fiddling around with graph paper and computer programs and swatching and rejecting and swatching and rejecting and swatching and coming up victorious. 
Did I ever mention that I absolutely hate swatching?

Then I get to knit the first draft and scribble notes on the original draft of the pattern and frog what didn't work, then knit what I scribbled on the original pattern, then look at it after I have knitted on it for a couple of days and decide that I hate the gauge and frog it again and start over with a different needle or yarn or both.
This happens more times than I care to think about.
Then I knit a "proof" sample of the pattern to see if all the bugs have been worked out. I generally knit up some of my stash yarn for this.  Great way to burn stash.  IF, and that is a big IF, that "proof" makes me happy, then I knit it in a yarn that is readily available at The Scarlet Skein. 
Sometimes this is a very long process.
Sometimes this process keeps me from posting patterns that I published on Ravelry months ago. For this I am truly sorry.

Here, for your knitting pleasure, are a shawl, a scarf and a pair of slipper socks.
Mobile device compatible version available.

The lace pattern of this shawl is reminiscent of the Giant Saguaro Cacti found only in the Sonoran Deserts of South Eastern California, Southern Arizona and Northern Mexico.
Shown as knit in DK Weight yarn on size 6 U.S. (4.0 mm) knitting needle, but Saguaro can also be knit in Lace Weight yarn on a size 4 U.S. (3.5 mm) knitting needle.

Mobile device compatible version available. 

Super easy lace pattern for newbie lace knitters.  Knitters  have a choice of either a picot edge or a plain garter stitch edge.
Detail of lace.


Knit with Worsted Weight yarn on size 7 U.S. (4.5 mm) needles, these toe up slipper socks are great for the beginning sock knitter.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A long time coming.

This post has been a long time coming, indeed.
I had a slight mishap mid December and suffered a badly sprained ankle and it pretty much put the kibosh on most of my holiday plans. It took 4 weeks for me to be coherent enough to knit with any creativity and sense, but I have managed to create 5 patterns to share with you.

Here, now, for your knitting enjoyment are 3 hats, a scarf and a pair of socks.
Oh, Helen!
Download this pattern for free.

Mobile device compatible version available. 

A cute little something to dress up those warm weather t-shirt and jeans days.
Raindrops on Roses Beret

Mobile device compatible version available.
A beret that can be knit slouchy or very slouchy, as shown.

Aaron's Awesome Jubilee Hat

Mobile device compatible version available. 
Another slightly slouchy toque with a touch of texture.
This time, diamonds and stripes.

Little Stephanie Sunshine
Mobile device compatible version available.  Yet another slightly slouchy toque with a touch of texture. This time an all over pattern of delicate diamonds.

And finally,
Miss Mary Lou
Sassy, cute and girly. That's Miss Mary Lou!
This sock has a simple toe up construction with short row heels and toes. No picking up heel stitches. No Kitchener stitching toes. Reinforced on the heel and ball of foot to add durability.
Works with Double pointed needles, Magic Loop or Two circulars.
Shown with optional ruffled cuff.

That's all for now.
More news and knitting, as it happens.

Upcoming pattern spoiler!!!
It's going to be lace, kids!