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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Little Contest

Hi everybody! I have decided to run a little contest. To enter simply leave a comment on the pattern post of your choice. Most posts include more than one pattern, so state which one you like. This contest is open to everyone. Feel free to link the contest in your blogs, if you want. Remember to post where you heard about the contest(Here, on Ravelry, Facebook or some one's blog) and your contact info so that I know who to send a pattern to. Contest runs until 12:01 am, PST Thursday, September 14th. I will draw one random winner at that time and they will win their favorite pattern. Simple, no?


Unknown said...

OOh so many pretty patterns! Can we choose more than 1?

Knits with Penguins said...

You can choose more than one, but you won't win more than one pattern if you do. That just would not be fair. If you are posting a comment, for the contest, please post how you found out about this contest, either on Ravelry, Facebook, someone's blog or just randomly wandering in. You also have to post your contact info (Ravelry, etc.) to win. I cannot tell who has won without it. : Good Luck!