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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Productive Summer

While I adore creating designs and knitting them until the process is perfect, I have to admit that I detest transcribing my notes into a coherent and easily understood pattern. That is one of the main reasons why the posts in this blog are few and far between. Another reason is that I hate to stop knitting long enough to type up patterns and post them online.  :) 
This summer has been quite productive. Since my last post I have converted several of my patterns to be compatible with mobile devices, designed a triangular shawl in knit, a triangular shawl in crochet, two rectangular wraps, three hats and a very silly pair of slippers.
I have even gotten around to writing up the patterns for the knit triangular shawl, one wrap and a hat.
First up, my homage to the late, great Miss Elizabeth Taylor.
She inspired me with her elegance, her style and her stunning Violet eyes. Knit with Blue Heron Yarns "Rayon Metallic", this shawl sparkles and shines like her signature diamonds.
Mobile device compatible version available.


Next we have:
Mobile device compatible version available.
Super slouchy, very textured and ultra hip.

And finally a wrap that can also be worn as a scarf and is named for a very special lady, 
Mette over at Ranch of the Oaks. 
Go there, visit Mette, Tom, the Alpaca 
and the Sheep.
Mobile device compatible version available.


Nic said...

Nice work hon, as always.

Yup,. I hear ya! HATE writing patterns up...much prefer to start on the next one.

S'funny how I always think I'll remember the pattern as I go and how mysterious it looks later on.

Note to self: Notes, my girl, notes.

Nic said...

Hmmm. Given that I don't knit socks, I pick the lovely Anna Mette. You know those lace wraps just get me.

Knits with Penguins said...

I even have this bizarre filing system consisting of small manilla envelopes with the working title of the pattern written on it and all the notes and calculations and proof copies shoved into them. I think I need a filing cabinet...........

Karen said...

Becca!!! I don't know if you'll remember me. It's me! I love Miss Taylor! Of course, I like everything you design....it's a hard choice to pick just one.

You've had a really productive summer.


Knits with Penguins said...

Nic, Like I said on Ravelry, you are the one that kind of inspired me to go with a rectangular shape instead of a third triangular shawl. :)
Don't worry about not knitting socks. You do mittens. Something that I just cannot get into. It all evens out.

Knits with Penguins said...

Well duh, of course I remember one of the founding members of The Tin Heads. LOL Thanks for the lovely words, girl!

Karen said...

Becca, I don't think I'm a founding member. YOU ARE THE FOUNDER. I just found you at some point and latched on. :)