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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Places my Altoid Tin dragged me to, in San Jose, CA.

My Altoid Tin, My Beloved and I went to San Jose last week and here are some of the places we went and things that we did.

Outside of the Clarion Hotel, San Jose.

Complimentary breakfast at The Island Grill.

Making friends at The Island Grill.

Hanging out with friends, by the pool.
The Clarion Hotel, San Jose Airport was a delightful surprise. On site restaurant, room service, spacious well lit lobby in which one can knit, read or just have a cup of coffee. The food, both room service and in the restaurant, was delicious.
Hanging out with Otis, the Yarndog at Yarndogs in Los Gatos.

Yarndogs is a must see when you are in the Bay area. Wonderful yarn, helpful staff and Otis, the Yarndog. No-one batted an eyelash at our request to photograph Otis posing with My Altoid Tin.

A wonderful time was had, by all.

Shawl finished!

Here be the still un-named shawl.
Happy now, Leslie and Karen. ;)

Constructed of Tivoli Luxury Aran Tweed. The picture shows the shade, well, but it does not show the tweedy flecks of yellow, red and blue. It's a basic triangle shape with a diamond lacey pattern. Not bad for a first shot at this pattern. I want to use the same lacy diamond pattern in a half hex shawl. That will probably be the next foolishly ambitious project. I may just lose my mind totally (Shaddup, you guys. Yeah, you know who you are!) and do the math for another type of lace for the next shawl.

The shawl is finished. Washed, blocked, photographed. The whole enchilada. I have not downloaded the pics from the camera, yet, but when I do, I will post the photos here.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Connectivity, Creativity and Contemplation.

Apparently my problems of February 27th are going to be an ongoing issue. I did manage to go through the "back door", as it were, to get a message through to a fellow Raveler to let my groups know that I am not ignoring their comments, nor bailing out. I just gots issues.
Meanwhile, back on the knitting front.........
I am in the process of inventing another pattern. This time a shawl in a lace pattern. It is triangular and in a worsted weight, but the pattern will probably work for most weights of yarn. I have done all the "math" for the pattern repeats and am currently knitting the prototype. When it is done and blocked I will post pictures here and, Great Cosmic Muffin willing, on Ravelry. I scored the yarn at a Stash Swap at The Scarlet Skein. Still have to find out who donated it. I might just have to make them a gift of the prototype. :)
Still contemplating whether or not I will be making the pattern available, to the general population, at this time. I will get opinions from my fellow Scarlet Skein knitters. I value their opinions. They are some of the most talented people I know.
More news as it happens. Keep your fingers crossed for me, Fellow Ravelers.