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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Shawl finished!

Here be the still un-named shawl.
Happy now, Leslie and Karen. ;)

Constructed of Tivoli Luxury Aran Tweed. The picture shows the shade, well, but it does not show the tweedy flecks of yellow, red and blue. It's a basic triangle shape with a diamond lacey pattern. Not bad for a first shot at this pattern. I want to use the same lacy diamond pattern in a half hex shawl. That will probably be the next foolishly ambitious project. I may just lose my mind totally (Shaddup, you guys. Yeah, you know who you are!) and do the math for another type of lace for the next shawl.

The shawl is finished. Washed, blocked, photographed. The whole enchilada. I have not downloaded the pics from the camera, yet, but when I do, I will post the photos here.


Karen said...

Well, are you going to post pictures?

Leslie said...

I want to see pictures! Pretty please? With Altoids on top, I will hold your stitch markers hostage...

Karen said...

Yay! You posted a pic! It's lovely!