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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Why do I do this to myself?

Here is the deal, I love to knit but I hate to do the finish work. Weaving in the ends, doing seams and all that stuff. So, why do I insist on knitting things that have a kerbillion color stripes with two kerbillion ends to weave in?

It must be self punishment.

I love the look of the items when they are done, but halfway through the item it hits me that I am going to have to spend just about as much time weaving in ends as I spent knitting the thing.

I finished knitting a "Scrap Hat" like ten days ago and it still has a snot load of ends to weave in. I have made two pair of socks and started another hat since I finished the striped hat. There the poor thing sits, on the table, goading me in its unfinished state.

I will eventually finish it, as I won't be able to sell it at the Craft Fair in
December if it isn't done. Looks kind of nifty from the front.

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Heidi said...

there's a technique for weaving the ends as you knit-- check out the ravelry forum for the links. basically you just run the old color behind the stitches on the wrong side as you knit with the new color, for about 8-10 stitches.