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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Whoops, I Fair Isled Again!
I seem to be a glutton for knitting punishment.I made it halfway through the evening of the 17th and I had to knit again. Yes, my arm still hurt, but not as badly. I figured that I could knit on what I consider large knitting needles without pain. That would be US size 8 which are 5 mm.

I started to thumb through my considerable stash of patterns for something in the right needle size and I found this pattern.

Knowing that I have an aversion to knitting Fair Isle, I still rummaged through my stash of yarn and grabbed my needles and started. Its not that I don't like the look of Fair Isle, quite the opposite. I think it is really lovely. I just don't like doing it. Well, I didn't used to like doing it. This is the fourth Fair Isle project that I have knitted and I didn't hate doing it . It didn't take me forever to do it. I almost liked doing it.

Just think, in another few years I might even love doing it.

I like the way it came out.

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